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I'm Nicole. I like cute boys, fictional characters, and writing things. Current tunes -- ♪ : No Rest - Dry the River
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why is irresistible so slept on

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the best of one direction- first performance of teenage dirtbag, november 30, 2012

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Jake and Amy looking at each other in sync (requested by anonymous)

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Brighton // March 2014

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skyeward week | day twoA SONG: ”Rolling in the Deep” by Adele

skyeward week | day two
A SONG: ”Rolling in the Deep” by Adele

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Endless Night
Adam Marshall Photography 

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you can tell a lot about someone by the contents of their purse

you can tell a lot about someone by the contents of their purse

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An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Paolo Sebastian S/S 2014-15 Haute Couture

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I’ve said it before but I’ll say it
again, for the sake of this poem.
I am not the kind of person that
things happen to.
I am not the kind of person that
things happen to, so I make it up.
I draw the dragon and then I
jump on its back.

I take a feeling and I say
‘Do something! Become something!
Help me or go away!’

There’s usually a boy. Sometimes
not. Either way, there’s someone
and they’ve hurt me.
There’s someone and they don’t
love me back,
because that’s what I want. That’s
my poetry.

I’m sorry, you know? I don’t know
what to do with the ones who have
already been here, so I pretend.
I play dolls. I change their names
and their clothes and their stories.

Call me what you want. I know
what the truth is. I know what to
put in between the lines to make it
sting like a real thing.
I know how to make myself better.

Still, I wish I could touch my
own heart instead of writing about
what it must feel like.
I wish I could do anything without
faking it.
What’s left to be honest about,
if not this? What’s left?

When things don’t happen,
I kick up the dirt, I blow on the
dust, I shake the snow globe.
So what if dragons aren’t real?
I bet you wish they were.

Caitlyn Siehl, Drawing the Dragon (via alonesomes)

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There is one specific poem it feels like I’ve been trying to write for months and months and months and I’m gonna give it another try tonight

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